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Multi-Domain Master Data Management
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Multi-Domain Master Data Management delivers practical guidance and specific instruction to help guide planners and practitioners through the challenges of a multi-domain master data management (MDM) implementation. Authors Mark Allen and Dalton Cervo bring their expertise to you in the only reference you need to help your organization take master data management to the next level by incorporating it across multiple domains. Written in a business friendly style with sufficient program planning guidance, this book covers a comprehensive set of topics and advanced strategies centered on the key MDM disciplines of Data Governance, Data Stewardship, Data Quality Management, Metadata Management, and Data Integration.
Provides a logical order toward planning, implementation, and ongoing management of multi-domain MDM from a program manager and data steward perspective.Provides detailed guidance, examples and illustrations for MDM practitioners to apply these insights to their strategies, plans, and processes.Covers advanced MDM strategy and instruction aimed at improving data quality management, lowering data maintenance costs, and reducing corporate risks by applying consistent enterprise-wide practices for the management and control of master data.
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