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The Billionaire's Hired Girlfriend
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The Billionaire's Hired Girlfriend is a new adult contemporary romance with an alpha male hero and a geeky, virgin heroine. They are flawed, funny, passionate, and very relatable for readers who enjoy contemporary romance and women’s fiction with strong family value.

Alexandra Stewart is dating the man of her dreams. But there’s a catch. The date is a masquerade and her Mr. Hot-Choc is gay, or so she thinks...

Family oriented Alexandra Stewart, known as Alex to family and friends, is in desperate need of money for her dad’s heart surgery. She is stoked when gorgeous, billionaire Jayden McCartney unexpectedly barges into her life and offers to help. On one condition. She must pretend to be his girlfriend. One look at Jay tells her to run in the opposite direction. He is too good-looking, too successful, and too rich for her liking. When she is told Jay is gay and that his family is matchmaking him with a woman he doesn’t love, she feels sorry for him. Thinking that she’d kill two birds with one stone, Alex agrees to the proposal. Now, the only problem is how does she prevent herself from falling madly in love with Jay when the way he looks at her makes her heart tremble and his touches set her body on fire?

Hot, recently single billionaire Jayden McCartney has to bring his girlfriend to his sister’s wedding in order to stop the matchmaking his grandmother has planned for him. Not in the mood for dating or a new woman after the discovery of his cheating ex, he hires a perfect candidate as his girlfriend in Alexandra Stewart. Alex, however, thinks he’s crazy. It’s only when he commits a sinful lie that would damage his manhood severely does she agree to help. He convinces her that he is gay and that the possibility of his family finding out would ruin them financially and socially. Now, Jay has to pretend to be batting for the other team, which turns out to be no easy task where the geeky turn sexy Alex is concerned because he wants her, and what Jay wants, he certainly will get.
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