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He's the Man
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Meet Sergeant Sexy

Penelope Lewis finally has her life in order.

She's got a great career as a physical therapist and the settled suburban life she longs for. All she has to do is stay away from the wrong type of guys, which means NO military men.

Matt Simmons is done with Army doctors. But after his sister nags him to see their old babysitter, a sought after physical therapist, he gives in just to get some peace. When Matt realizes his old babysitter is h-o-t, he's suddenly seeing the benefits of therapy. But first he has to convince Penny that he's worth taking a chance on.

Suddenly he has a new mission in life…Over 5,000+ five star reviews for this series on Goodreads! If you love sexy, contemporary romance, meet THE ALEXANDERS.


“Do whatever you have to do. I promise I’ll behave.” Matt spread his hands. “I’m putting myself at your mercy.” 

It was tempting to turn around and walk away. He was just too much. Too volatile, too arrogant and definitely too handsome for her peace of mind. The easy decision would be to turn him down. Then she could write this whole thing off and get back to her safe, ordered existence. 

But in the end, it came down to the same factors she always used to make her decisions. She believed he wanted to get better. And she believed she had the tools to help him.

“Okay. I’ll help you. But be warned, I’m a pretty tough taskmaster. Come on back, Sergeant. We might as well figure out your treatment schedule.”

“We’re back to being formal already? Do I need to remind you of the time I caught that snake and hid it in your backpack?” He stood close enough that she could feel the heat coming off his big body. “I thought we’d already established that you would call me Matt.”

“Right. Sorry.”

“Well? Let me hear it.” He leaned over until Penny could see the flecks of gold in his brown eyes. “Go ahead, Penny. Say my name.”

“Matt,” she whispered.

His eyes lit with triumph. 

Penny gulped as the circus troupe in her stomach started performing again. The only thing they’d established was that Sergeant Simmons made her feel everything her boyfriend didn’t. 

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