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Enticing Her Unexpected Bridegroom
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Sarah Jardin has been quite dreadfully in love with David Rochester her whole life. As the youngest of five daughters, her family and society neglect her. She’s outspoken, brash, and terribly ungraceful. In short, not at all a lady...until she’s taken under the benevolent wing of
Lady Lancaster and invited to join the Young Ladies Garden Society.

But Sarah’s new life—filled with the mysteries and intrigues of high society—is interrupted by an unexpected scandal. Her scandal. In a moment of kindness, David comforts her...and they are discovered and forced to marry. Even as the newlyweds must come to terms with their new arrangement, they find themselves drawn into the investigation of a dangerous conspiracy.

With life and love on the line, their unexpected marriage will either end in rapture...or ruin.

Each book in the Lady Lancaster Garden Society series is STANDALONE:
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* Romancing His English Rose
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* Enticing Her Unexpected Bridegroom
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