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Design and Branding 
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Clubs/Djs 2 Kilos Of Funk (Best Funkers + Friends of CTR)

Maximo (Scot Post-Punkers - Ace )

Planet Of The Breaks (Simply Tops) 

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Record Labels Bazanan

Fake Product  (UK)

Acute Records (Great US Label)

Poptones (Alan McGee -Death Disco etc)

Mischief Brew (Top Funk Re-Cyclers!)

Licorice  Soul (Cool Reissue Label)

Marina Records (Great German Label)

Crippled Dick Hot Wax (Natch-Post-Punk, S'Tracks)

Different Drummer (Brums Finest Dubbers) 

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Record Shops: ( For CTR Product etc ) Recyled Records  (V Fine Shrewsbury Store)

Tone Vendor (US Store-Friendly and Great)




overground Records

Vinyl On The Net

Jet Set Records (In Kyoto?Visit!)

Cosmic Groove (Top French Vinyl Emporium ) 

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Artists The Nightingales

Sarandon (Ace)

The Cravats

The Montgolfier Brothers (Manchesters Best Kept Secret..) 

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