The Prefects-"Killed By Death" Blogspot Action 1 November 10

The Prefects pop up on the "Killed By Death" Blogspot. Wish I had a copy of this particular 7" here at CTR. Thanks to Dan at Acute Records NYC.

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Prefects Vortex

The Prefects/The Slits at The Vortex-1977 21 August 10


Martin Millar  recalls the Prefects and The Slits at the Vortex in London, 1977, for his blog:

"The Prefects were a strange band, shambolic even by the standards of the time. I remember them quite fondly, before they disappeared without trace."

Good read, and an insight into the obvious empathy between the two ( rather different) acts. 

The Prefects live at the Co-Op Suite Birmingham 1978 CD is available in very ltd numbers from CTR as the distributor returned a dozen copies recently.


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The NME Book Of Music 1979-Text and Barney Bubbles Artwork 2 February 09

I've also dug out a yellowed and dog-eared piece of brilliance in the form of the NME Book Of (Modern) Music. I remember putting it together from pieces of the music paper dutifully collected and compiled over a few weeks in 1979. (If anybody remembers this as being the  completely wrong year -please tell me) Edited by Charles Shaar Murray, it contains a couple of references/write - ups on CTR recording artistes the Prefects and Manicured Noise. John The Postman and The Passage too. Excellent.

I'm pretty sure that the cover was designed by the genius Barney

Bubbles. Then again, If I'm completely wrong please tell me.. 









CTR BBC Radio Interview-Listen Here-! 21 November 08

Here's a link to a live interview that I did last week with the BBC about a compilation that I'm putting together that's inspired by the "Messthetics" series of albums. Here I'm digging a little deeper into the late seventies early eighties UK Midlands Punk/Post-Punk scene, and I've unearthed a treasure-trove of hitherto unheard music from the era:

Listen Here:

"Fame" Post-Punk 77-81 Myspace-Up Now! 23 April 08

The CTR soon-come Jon Savage curated Post-Punk comp on Caroline True, "Fame" (Post-Punk 77-81) has it's very own Myspace :

With sound samples and release details-watch that space...