CTR-Play Music At The Vaults! Saturday 8th May-Special Guest DJ Scott Sinfield of Make Mine Music. 2 May 10

We've been away for a while-but the Springtime brings a return! Which means a few parties and some new releases on CTR, appearing very soon.

 Meanwhile-we're out at the Vaults in Shrewsbury on Saturday May 8th playing our usual mix of sounds. Guess what we're going to play? OK-Let's leave it that, just come along....

 Dj Residents: John K. Mark F . Ayden T. Our guest DJ is Guest Scott Sinfield from the great Make Mine Music label. Two of the artists that CTR have had on repeated play forever, Piano Magic and Manual, have albums out on MMM.

A groundbreaking label for sure..

Scott is going to treat us to a special cassette set. That's right, on D90s. You get the picture... 8-2am Free Admission





Dennis Bovell Dub Band-The Severn Warehouse-Shrewsbury March 11th 10 March 10

Dennis Bovell, an original exponent of UK Reggae with his band Matumbi, plays the Severn Cellars in Shrewsbury with his Dub-Band on Thursday 11th March.

Much loved at CTR for his production work with the Slits, The Pop Group and stand-out Factory act Ex-O-Dus (English Black Boys) he is onstage with the band at 21.30.

 We musn't forget that he also turned his alchemic touch to the classic "Silly Games" by Janet Kay...

It's a must-see.. Tickets are available in advance or pay on the door.



RIP Larry Cassidy-Section 25 8 March 10

It was with a sense of great sadness that we read last week of the death of Section 25 vocalist and leader Larry Cassidy.

I can say that Larry was the only popstar (in my world) that I have ever written a fan letter to. Thinking of that letter now-it was a hotch potch scrawl of early 20 something ramblings, hardly worthy of the gracious reply that Larry sent.

RIP Larry. Section 25 were a great band, and "The Beast" always a classic. Read John Robb's great tribute here:



CTR-Play Music-This Evening-Saturday 27th Feb - The Vaults 27 February 10


This evening-Saturday 27th February-


The Vaults Shrewsbury:


JS: JK(CTR) Ayd T (Go-Ape!) Mark Follows and Guests

Should be good.

Gratuitous pic of a record that gets a regular airing..

The Fuzz

Electric Minds-Arthur Russell Tribute Album 13 January 10

Highly recommended by CTR is "Electric Minds", a recent tribute to the peerless Arthur Russell. As well as featuring contributions from our NYC friend Pocketknife, it features takes on AR tracks by Yam Who?,Max Essa and other AR devotees.

It's difficult to point to another innovator across musical genres whos had as much impact as AR through the years.

It's a great compilation-go out and buy it!

Here's the gen:

Electric Minds