Manicured Noise-The IDOTNW "Bikini" Mystery.. 24 January 11

In a short entry in the very informative (and now highly collectable) "International Discography Of The New Wave 1982/83 " ( B George and Martha Defoe) it's suggested that CTR compilation stars Manicured  Noises' first single was "Bikini World". Now, as any late Seventies/early Eighties Post-Punk obsessive will tell you, this is simply not the case. The Bikini 7" was dropped in favour of Metronome as the first M Noise release. Indeed, in the book it also states that "Bikini" was the very first PRE release. Simply not true. Or, does anyone out there know better...?




The Pop Group/Manicured Noise-Kevin Pearce's "Scream Of My Heartbeat" 2 January 11

Kevin Pearce has written an excellent series of articles all about The Pop Group on his "Your Heart Out" blog. Of great interest here (As if they weren't fascinating anyway) is the close relationship that the Pop Group had with Manicured Noise and the scene at that time. Really great music writing..

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CTR At "Ears Have Eyes" London Saturday 27th November 8 November 10

CTR play a rare London date at the critically acclaimed and very much and excellently DIY "Ears Have Eyes" club night in Whitechapel London on Saturday 27th November.

Among the CTR DJS on the evening will be Steve Walsh, Post-Punk and Punk legend with Manicured  Noise and The Flowers Of Romance respectively.

Ears Have Eyes present a CAROLINE TRUE RECORDS party with very special guest STEVE WALSH (Manicured Noise) in a secret east end warehouse location.

John K
Mark Follows
EXTRA SPECIAL GUEST: Steve Walsh (Manicured Noise)

Joe Europe
Mr Jack


 EHE 1101

 We'd love to see you..

Admission is Five Pounds only.

More news later.




CTR-"Boys On TV" Mix-Early 80s... 6 May 10

I've put a mix together of  80s' sounds that weave an evocative picture, for me, of the early to mid (ish) years of that decade. Some of you may be familiar with at least a clutch of these, or maybe not. A couple, at the very least, were nestling right at the back of the vinyl mountain. Unloved and unplayed since then. Until now.  Also, there's a couple of tracks here that we regularly play out at CTR. I'd hate to put a tag on this mix, I know that I'd be wrong. So, I won't do it.

It starts pretty slowly-bear with's worth it.

Here's the tracklist:

400 Blows- The Morality Of Attitude (Illuminated LP track)
Pink Industry-Empty Beach (Remix) (Cathexis 12" 1984)
Kissing The Pink-Water In My Eye (Instrumental) (Magnet 7" 1983)
Pete Shelley-Many A Time (Dub Mix) (Genetic 12" 1983)
Nightmoves-Transdance (NYC Mix) 1983
Bonar Bradberry-Carlos The Jackal (Red Music 12”)
Bill Nelson-Hard Facts From The Fiction Department (Cocteau 12" 1984)
Fashion -Streetplayer (Mutant Mekanic Mix) (Arista 12" 1983)
Editechnique-Dirty Kissing 12" (Magickedits 12")
Simple Minds-League Of Nations (Virgin 12" 1981)
Gina x - Nice Mover (EMI 1979)
Telex-Soulwaves (Instrumental) (Sire 1980 7")
Deluxe A - Boys On TV (Long Version) (EMI 1982)

Thanks to Lol P.

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Cousin Cole's Single Life Mix 27 February 10

Cousin Cole, CTR collaborator and all round good guy, has a splendid mix here. Celebrating the single life:

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C Cole Mix

I seem to remember I have this in the collection somewhere..