Caroline True Records - news Independent Record Label - UK,2005:8a2aa3ce21c972d36fe61cc977849648/news Textpattern 2012-05-13T19:36:49Z Richard Adams John Kertland 2012-05-02T22:18:21Z 2012-05-13T19:36:49Z New Release News: Poppy & The Jezebels - Sign In, Dream On..7",2012-05-02:8a2aa3ce21c972d36fe61cc977849648/4d3cc477ab7e92f5bea3bb5737e2b3ec Following the recent vital and vintage Jon Savage "Fame" album - CTR are delighted to announce the next release, an ace slice of new,gloriously prescient electropop on a limited to 500 7" (Blue Vinyl) featuring Birmingham female quartet Poppy & The Jezebels.

"Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out" has been produced by and features Daniel Miller (The Normal/Silicon Teens) and ace pop producer Richard X (Liberty X / Girls On Top ). Release date is May 21st..



CTRUE14 7"

John Kertland 2012-05-01T20:34:21Z 2012-05-01T20:42:25Z The Nightingales/Ted Chippington-The Vaults-Shrewsbury-Tuesday May 29th,2012-05-01:8a2aa3ce21c972d36fe61cc977849648/9b71675646fa4bc1ab0d6131055af5c4 CTR present The Nightingales + Ted Chippington at The Vaults, Castle Gates Shrewsbury on Tuesday May 29th.

John Kertland 2012-04-11T19:49:04Z 2012-04-11T19:50:23Z Jon Savage's "Fame" Post-Punk 1978-81 **** MOJO review,2012-04-11:8a2aa3ce21c972d36fe61cc977849648/0567545e4eb341ad8eaa6ff3d62eb34e Fame MOJO **** May2012

John Kertland 2012-03-26T20:50:06Z 2012-03-26T20:50:06Z "Fame" J Savage Post-Punk 1978-81 Out Today! Monday March 26th..,2012-03-26:8a2aa3ce21c972d36fe61cc977849648/b1963483adda7bf3be27c75c43717d89 New album out today on CTR-Here's a buylink:




Strictly limited to 500 copies.No CD. No repress. Ever. 

John Kertland 2012-02-15T14:50:24Z 2012-03-04T23:42:21Z Jon Savage’s “Fame” Secret History Of Post-Punk (1978-81) V Ltd Double Vinyl-Released March 26th,2012-02-15:8a2aa3ce21c972d36fe61cc977849648/00bee12d85a0341d16805b1edbc4cd43 T LAST!

CTR are very proud to announce the release of:

Jon Savage’s “Fame” Secret History Of Post-Punk (1978-81)