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Star27 are the kind of band that you dream about, a high energy flash of tunes and attitude. They're from Preston in Lancs and have an EP out on May 14th on CTR. Recently they were in the studio with Steve Lamacq on Radio 1 for a live session. Their live show has to be seen to be believed.



John Kertland 2007-02-28T16:52:08Z 2007-04-20T10:19:38Z The Nightingales- What's Not To Love?,2007-02-28:8a2aa3ce21c972d36fe61cc977849648/7c2d544490d1132cf08420f66cef252b The Nightingales-What's Not To Love CTRUE 5The Nightingales return very soon with a great new Mini Album that pushes back the musical boundaries. Robert Lloyd casts a glance over the nuances of the 21st Century landscape-while the band cook up a Krautrock and Nancy Sinatra inspired storm! This may be the best ever Nightingales record...




Richard Adams 2007-02-26T22:23:22Z 2007-02-26T22:23:22Z MANICURED NOISE - “NORTHERN STORIES 1978/80”,2007-02-26:8a2aa3ce21c972d36fe61cc977849648/2ccfed57e3a087f7a9aeb1f97e92f064 Manicured Noise MANICURED NOISE


CD: Released Monday 30TH October-Caroline True Records


If my memory serves me well, you can find me later that year 1979, in our kitchen, doing my homework, and Manicured Noise are in session on Kid Jensen's early evening show. I recall something special, but will probably never have the chance to know for sure. (Kevin Carney- Tangents)


Richard Adams 2007-02-26T22:22:20Z 2007-02-26T22:22:20Z The Cravats and Paul Hartnoll - SEANCE,2007-02-26:8a2aa3ce21c972d36fe61cc977849648/35dc11f064cd9c07fccff440e5a79c3a


In 1985 seminal art, jazz – punk band and John Peel favourites, The Cravats, put down their instruments after critically acclaimed LP’s for Small Wonder and Crass Records, five Peel Sessions and two tours of Europe and went to play in the garden.




Richard Adams 2006-02-20T18:35:37Z 2006-10-26T10:41:09Z The Prefects-Live October ’78,2006-10-25:8a2aa3ce21c972d36fe61cc977849648/239ea9cb2bbcf02730d799d510ab6389 The Prefects -Live “I will always remember that show: it’s as Punk Rock as Nirvana at New York’s Roseland ballroom in July 1993, when Kurt Cobain refused to play “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and, to the roars of a hostile crowd, brought on a cello player and played Leadbelly songs. “