Messthetics #103-The Midlands-The Prefects/The Buzz/The Cravats 19 September 07

CTR have a big friend in the US who's an authority on UK Punk and Post-Punk music. Chuck Warners long running series of critically acclaimed punk/DIY compilations are all worth checking out. The most recent, Midlands Messthetics #103 features CTR punk stars The Prefects (Live track licensed from CTR 2) , The Cravats and also the legendary Shrewsbury Punk/Post-Punk outfit The Buzz. The Buzz released one single on  Redball Records, and an album on their own label. CTR are considering re-releasing their output as it's all good. In fact, it's very good. Buy Messthetics #103. It's full of possibilities, tunes and wit.

Here's the Messthetics Link:

Messthetics Link


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